Contemporary pizzeria excellence now in the comfort of your own home. Live a MasterChef experience without leaving home.

Contemporary pizzeria meets innovation.

Gurmido pizzas are the magic of contemporary pizza in the comfort of your own home, plus they are ready in minutes, flavorful, fresh and fragrant as if freshly baked in a star-studded pizzeria.

What makes Gurmido pizzas unique is their unprecedented innovation: Specifically, they are fresh, broken-down pizzas where the base and toppings are packaged separately, allowing you to relive the magic of pizza-making at home.
By following a few simple instructions, you can then customize and bake your pizza, achieving an extraordinary result that will make you feel like a world-class chef.

Discover the Gurmido contemporary pizzeria line: contemporary pizza, boxes and assortments, pizza bases.

Why contemporary

In particular, a dough that rests patiently, ensuring unparalleled digestibility. Imagine a high cornice, dancing between lightness and an enveloping flavor. Each ingredient is a celebration: unparalleled freshness and the pride of culinary excellence from Campania and Italy. Be seduced by a symphony of flavors: a crisp exterior, a soft heart, and an irresistibly melting finish

Fragrance and freshness

Each pizza base is packed with care and attention, in particular we use state-of-the-art techniques that preserve the freshness and intensity of flavors.
In addition, condiments are packed in isothermal bags along with ice tablets, ensuring optimal quality preservation for 48 hours

Ready in 7 minutes

You will then receive the base and toppings at your home. Follow a few simple steps, season and bake for a few minutes.