Welcome to the world of Gurmido: the Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Without Limits of Distances!

Welcome to the world of Gurmido: the Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Without Limits of Distances!

From a bold idea Gurmido was born, the dream of bringing true contemporary Neapolitan pizza to everyone, everywhere, without any limit of territorial distance.

Our mission is to transport the authentic experience of an upscale pizzeria directly to your table, with contemporary pizza that is fresh, fragrant and tastes unmatched-just like pizza freshly baked.

What makes Gurmido’s pizzas unique is their unprecedented innovation: they are decomposed pizzas, where the base and toppings are packaged separately, allowing you to relive the magic of pizza-making at home.
By following a few simple instructions, you can customize and bake your pizza, achieving an extraordinary result that will make you feel like a world-class chef.

Every step of our production is an ode to traditional craftsmanship and contemporary Neapolitan pizza.
Our pizzas are prepared and baked with love and dedication, using only the highest quality Italian flours.
Our long-maturing dough gives our pizzas exceptional digestibility and perfect texture, with an ideal balance of crunch, softness and meltiness.

We do not limit ourselves to just the pizza base, because we believe that the toppings are the heart of every pizza. That is why we use only the highest quality raw materials and authentic culinary excellence from the Campania region. San Marzano tomatoes, Fior di Latte Casertano, Alici di Cetara and other local delicacies create an extraordinary combination of flavors.

Our commitment to the freshness of our products is unavoidable: each pizza is packaged with care and attention, and toppings are packed in isothermal bags along with ice tablets, ensuring optimal quality preservation for 48 hours.

Gurmido is more than just a pizza: it is a sensory journey, a unique experience that allows you to savor the authentic tradition of contemporary Neapolitan pizza wherever you are.

We are proud to share the passion and goodness of our pizza with you, because we believe that food can bring people together, break down distances and create moments of joy and sharing.

Come discover Gurmido, where true Neapolitan pizza meets contemporary innovation, and be transported on an unprecedented culinary journey.

Our mission is to delight you, and we are ready to do so, slice by slice!

Gurmido eccellenza italiana
GURMIDO is recognized as “Italian Excellence 2023” and entered the prestigious register that rewards the quality of gastronomic products made in Italy.
Anti-counterfeiting ID conferred by Eccellenze Italiane no. 22564.

Pasquale Santamaria

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