Box 4 Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Bases.


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The art of Neapolitan pizza meets innovation.

Choose the Authentic Taste of Contemporary Naples with GURMIDO Pizza Bases.

Gurmido pizza bases are more than just pizza bases, they are a sensory journey, a unique experience that allows you to savor the authentic tradition of contemporary Neapolitan pizza wherever you are.

Our pizza bases are prepared and baked 100% artisanally, with love and dedication, using only the highest quality Italian flours.
Our long-maturing dough gives our pizzas exceptional digestibility and perfect texture, with an ideal balance of crunch, softness and meltiness.

With a soft middle part to better absorb the toppings and churn out, in just a few minutes in your home oven, a gourmet pizza of the highest quality, like the kind you’d eat at a star-studded pizzeria.

Weight: Gr 270 /290
Diameter: Cm 28/30

Ingredients: Flour, fresh yeast, malt, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water.
Allergens: Gluten. May contain traces of soy and milk derivatives.

Storage: Store at room temperature, preferably in a cool and dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 20°C
Deadline: 30 Days.
Product Number: 4 GURMIDO contemporary Neapolitan pizza bases and baking instructions.